Air Hogs Twin Thunder Dual Rotor Helicopter

Air Hogs has just released a dual rotor helicopter called the Twin Thunder. The helicopter’s design looks very similar to a CH-47 Chinook. It is advertised to be a 3 channel helicopter which should allow it to have more refined forward and backward control (the Havoc Heli is only 2 channel). The size is slightly larger the the Havoc Heli but would is still a micro helicopter.

Amazon is already taking order for them and I snapped a couple of pictures at my local Target of one. I will be purchasing and reviewing it in the near future so check back.

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Micro RC Reviews – Our First Post

Well this is the official launch of the Micro RC Review website.

The goal of this site is to review the latest and the greatest Micro RC cars, airplanes, helicopters, and whatever else is small and remote controlled.

I have been building up a collection of Micro RC planes and helicopters for the last year and what to share my findings with you. If you have a Micro RC toy that you would like reviewed let me know and I will try to track it down for you.

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