Syma S107 Mini – The Best Micro Helicopter Around

The Syma S107 Mini Helicopter is the best micro helicopter available right now hands down. There are several reasons for this which include:

  • Materials – The frame is made of metal, not plastic
  • Stability – It has a gyro built into it
  • Control – It has 3 channels
  • Price – Average price is $30!

The S107 is the upgraded version of the Syma S105 which also had metal construction but did not include a gyro.

Metal Body

The significance of the metal body means that it has a better chance of surviving when you crash it. It also causes it to be more ridged which helps it be more stable thus enabling to be easier to control. All the other micro helicopter out there are plastic and foam construction and after a few emergency landings start to lose their shape.

Built in Gyro

To me this is one of the most significate features of the helicopter. I have used both the little Havoc Heli’s and the larger Blade CX and the biggest difference between the two is the gyro. The gyro adds precision and stability that you only find in the more expensive and larger helicopters. Continue reading