Air Hogs Havoc Heli Laser Battle Review

Air Hogs Havoc Heli Laser Battle Air Hogs has recently released their Laser Battle set based on their previously popular Havoc Heli helicopter. The set comes with 2 Havoc Heli’s with an updated body style (compared to the previous Havoc Heli’s). It also comes with 2 controllers that are similar to the previous controllers.

The differences between this set and the previous Havoc Heli’s are the noticeable IR LED openings in the front of each of the helicopters. Also there is a black plastic tab on the bottom that looks as though it could be the IR receiver for the Laser Battler action. The controllers have buttons at the top that you press to “shoot” at your opponent that make cool machine gun sounds.

The other noticeable difference is that both copters are way more responsive then the previous version Havoc Heli. Left and right rudder commands spin the helicopters around a whole lot quicker. This comes in hand while trying to evade you opponent.

Flying the Havoc Heli Laser Battle set can on be summed up in one word – awesome! Flying by yourself can be a lot of fun but once you add the aspect of dog fighting to it the fun index sky rockets! When you score a “hit” your opponent’s Havoc Heli spins out of control. Shooting your opponent takes some skill though because you not only need to line up vertically but horizontally also. Flight times usually hover around 10 minutes for each helicopter.

One downside of the Air Hogs Laser Battle set is that each controller takes 6 AA batteries so you need 12 batteries to get going. On the flip side I have yet to switch out my batteries on my original Havoc Heli and I am pushing 40 flights with it so you are not going to have to buy batteries on a regular basis (unless you get totally addicted to flying these while is a big possibility).

Another downside is that you need another person to fly with you. I recommend taking them to your office with you and resolving interoffice disputes via “dog fighting” Laser Battle style. You should see the way the other guys eyes light up when they see them zipping through the air.

Overall the Air Hogs Havoc Heli Laser Battle set is very fun. I suspect that this will be the hot item this Christmas the same way that the Havoc Heli and Mosquito were last Christmas. You can buy them directly from Amazon via the link to the right.

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