Air Hogs Drop Strike

Air hogs is gearing up for the holiday season with some new heli’s along with some hybrids of others. Enter the Drop Strike.

The drop strike is a combination of the Fly Crane, Hover Assalt, and Sharp Shooter. The Drop Strike has the ability to drive on the ground, then drop it’s wheels, fly off, and start shooting. This heli is full of action.

The price is good as well and can be found for about $40. It does lack a gyro so control and stability won’t be as good as the Gyroblade or Repy


Air Hogs App Copter – $19.98 @ Toys-R-Us

UPDATE – I looked on to see how much the App Copter was going for there and it is the same price. You can click here to order it – Air Hogs App Copter @

Now the original post:

I was walking through Toys-R-Us today and came across the Air Hogs App Copter on sale for $19.98. This is gyro heli that you control through a dongle that connects to your smart phone via an app. I personally do not have this helicopter but I do have the dongle and have used it on other heli’s from Air Hogs.

Here’s a pic of it on sale at Toys-R-Us in the North Austin store.


Gyroblade from Air Hogs

Air Hogs GyroBlade

Air Hogs GyroBlade

Fresh off the holiday season Air Hogs has finally introduced the GyroBlade, an affordable 3 channel helicopter that has a gyro. Just about everyone else has made gyro’s standard while Air Hogs seemed to ignore them.

The only difference with this micro heli is that it is not your standard counter rotating blade heli. No, Air Hogs has stuck with their original single main rotor with a horizontal tail rotor. While I was skeptical with this configuration at first it proved to be a win-win. Win #1 is that it is a really stable heli – probably the most stable that I have flown from Air Hogs. I put is up there with the likes of the Syma S107.

Win #2 is for finally nailing forward flight. While the Syma S107 has awesome stability forward flight was challenging. I mean not to fault SYMA, but it was obvious that stability was the first focus of the copter while forward flight seemed an after thought. Not so with the GyroBlade. It seems that they have sacrificed a little of the stability that the Syma had for a equal but important part of the flying experience – getting the heli where you want it to go. You can do that with this – in any direction – left or right – forward or reverse. Point and shoot – just like it was a camera.

I have only had one flight with the GyroBlade with the charge it had out of the box but I can already say that this little guy has peeked my interest. I am looking forward to putting it through it’s paces to see all that it is capable of.

I will post more updates here as I play with it more.

Air Hogs Heli Replay

I’m not sure how the Air Hogs Heli Replay slipped past me but I am glad that I have finally found it. This is the heli that I have been waiting for from Air Hogs for a while now. The coolest part about it is that it is a great price as well. More on that later.

Here are some of the features of the Heli Replay:

  • Dual blade
  • Integrated giro
  • Real forward/back/left/right control along with throttle
  • Infrared controller
  • Infrared Smartphone adapter 
  • Compatible with Apple iPod Touch/iPhone & Android phones
  • Free Smartphone app available for both platforms Continue reading

Air Hogs Hover Assault Vehicle

Air Hogs has come out with a new helicopter/car/assalt vehicle called the Hover Assault Vehicle. It looks like a lot of fun.

I have not seen them in the local stores yet, but as soon as I do I will get one and post my review. In the mean time here is a video from the website –

Air Hogs Heli Cage Hands On Review

Today I was walking through the toy aisle at my local Walmart when I spotted a new micro helicopter by Air Hogs. This one is called the Heli Cage. As you can se below this new helicopter has a 2 axis cage around it to protect it from crashes, warranting the name.

The Heli Cage has the same electronic setup as the latest Havoc Heli’s as it is advertised to have 5-way control (as opposed to the previous generations 4-way control) . The controller also has the new Turbo Forward button from the Havoc Heli in order to give more control over forward flight. On the side of the box it states that you can “Crash and Keep Going” along with a note that the heli always lands upright. Finally the box notes that the cage can be removed for regular flight. Continue reading

Air Hogs Helix 360 – Hands on Review

Air Hogs is stepping up their game by releasing the Helix 360 which is a 4 channel helicopter that is similar to the size as the Havoc Heli and the Syma S107. I got my hands on one and layout the good and the bad of it below.

The Good

  • Small and lightweight – about the size of a Havoc Heli
  • Durable plastic instead of foam
  • Extra tail rotors included in the package

The Bad

  • Price – $80
  • Stability – Gyro only affects tail
  • Controllability – takes a lot of practice to control it well

My Hands on Experience with the Helix 360

I was really excited initially when I stumbled upon the Air Hogs Helix 360 at Target. I had not heard of it before and was taken back that this little copter had 4 channels and a gyro built into it. The price seemed a little high but I expected there to be a more real helicopter feel to it with the extra channel so I figured it would be worth it. Continue reading

Air Hogs Hawk Eye – Your Own Personal Video Helicopter

Air Hogs has come out with their new Hawk Eye video helicopter that allows you to take photos and video while flying. This is the perfect spy helicopter! It has built-in memory so you can take photos and videos and then use the included USB adapter to transfer them to your computer.

The Hawk Eye is basically a Havoc Heli but without the tail rotor and a larger midsection that houses the camera. It has built in stability software that gives it better flying characteristics then previous Havoc Heli’s. Continue reading

Syma S107 Mini – The Best Micro Helicopter Around

The Syma S107 Mini Helicopter is the best micro helicopter available right now hands down. There are several reasons for this which include:

  • Materials – The frame is made of metal, not plastic
  • Stability – It has a gyro built into it
  • Control – It has 3 channels
  • Price – Average price is $30!

The S107 is the upgraded version of the Syma S105 which also had metal construction but did not include a gyro.

Metal Body

The significance of the metal body means that it has a better chance of surviving when you crash it. It also causes it to be more ridged which helps it be more stable thus enabling to be easier to control. All the other micro helicopter out there are plastic and foam construction and after a few emergency landings start to lose their shape.

Built in Gyro

To me this is one of the most significate features of the helicopter. I have used both the little Havoc Heli’s and the larger Blade CX and the biggest difference between the two is the gyro. The gyro adds precision and stability that you only find in the more expensive and larger helicopters. Continue reading