Air Hogs Heli Cage Hands On Review

Today I was walking through the toy aisle at my local Walmart when I spotted a new micro helicopter by Air Hogs. This one is called the Heli Cage. As you can se below this new helicopter has a 2 axis cage around it to protect it from crashes, warranting the name.

The Heli Cage has the same electronic setup as the latest Havoc Heli’s as it is advertised to have 5-way control (as opposed to the previous generations 4-way control) . The controller also has the new Turbo Forward button from the Havoc Heli in order to give more control over forward flight. On the side of the box it states that you can “Crash and Keep Going” along with a note that the heli always lands upright. Finally the box notes that the cage can be removed for regular flight.

I just purchased the Heli Cage so the full hands-on review will come after I get some time to play with it. In the mean time here are some pictures of the Air Hogs Heli Cage in the box:





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  1. OK, where the heck is your review already? Its Feb 4th already and still nothing. LOL My son wants one of these but I cant find any reviews on it yet. Every RC copter Ive bought him was broken the fisrt day he used it. The usual stuff like hitting a chair, or a shoe, something on the ground. Hes 9 but he’s learning. Please let me know how the cage portion worked out for you, Im really interested in knowing.